Can i Upgrade my Bluehost Plan?

How To Upgrade Bluhost Hosting PlanCan You Upgrade Your Bluehost Plan?

Bluehost is a provider of shared hosting plans with competitive pricing. You should upgrade your package if you want to host many websites or blogs.

You can upgrade your plan, of course. You will therefore receive extra services like limitless domains, email addresses, FTP access, etc.

Select “Upgrade Subscription” from the “My Account” menu to upgrade your plan.

Upgrade Your Bluehost Plan

  • Log in to your Bluehost control panel by clicking here.
  • The ‘account’ button is located in the top right corner.
  • The items that show in the drop-down menu should be tapped.
  • You can modify hosting plans in the following ways:
  • Your subscription to any hosting-dependent products or services, as well as any other services that are short to be renewed, will immediately be added to the shopping cart when your hosting is renewed.
  • Go to Manual Renewal and click the Upgrade button if you wish to upgrade or reduce your hosting plan. It includes a list of available upgrades, downgrades, and renewal choices.
  • Please call the Department of Billing at 888-401-4678 to cancel the service before renewal if you are unable to uninstall a particular item.
  • By selecting the next X after reviewing the products in your shopping basket, you can remove any that you do not want to purchase or renew.
  • Select the method of payment.
  • The credit card that you used to purchase your hosting from them is the default payment method. The CVV code must be entered in order to use this card.
  • To switch to a different payment method, select the Change Payment Method option. Then, adhere to the on-screen directions after selecting to use your new credit card or PayPal account.
  • When you’re finished, click ‘Process Order’ at the bottom of the screen to finish your transaction.

The task is over! Once payment has been received, an account that had expired prior to renewal will be automatically revived.

A comprehensive receipt can be found under Accounts > Payments in your control panel, and a cart receipt email will be delivered to the registered email address.

In addition to all of these services, WooCommerce hosting is available.

The most popular eCommerce platform for building an online store is WooCommerce, an eCommerce plugin made exclusively for WordPress.

The number of downloads exceeds 77 million. Your WooCommerce online store needs hosting, just like other WordPress pages do, and that’s where Bluehost comes in.

Bluehost and WooCommerce worked together to create individualized hosting packages for you.

Along with reliable payment processors and a pre-installed theme for your storefront, auto-installing WooCommerce is also offered.

These programs are perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses. Large companies will prosper and seek out dedicated hosting, but for the majority of eCommerce sites, these plans should offer enough room for expansion.

Even on the most basic plan, adequate protection is offered, free SSL is necessary for maintaining the security of customer information, and domain privacy is crucial for safeguarding your own information online.

If you’re just starting off, Bluehost makes it simple to start building. Even better, a WooCommerce specialist will give you a complimentary two-hour setup call to assist you in getting going.

Additionally, they created WooCommerce and your storefront theme for you, allowing you to get down to business even faster.

You can test out WooCommerce hosting risk-free since, like other Bluehost hosting plans, it is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can choose from a variety of optional features and at least three plans for each type of hosting that is offered.

Depending on the hosting package you select, a three-year contract can result in monthly savings of up to 64%.

With the least expensive shared hosting package, you might significantly reduce your hosting costs.

However, keep in mind that sale prices may not endure indefinitely. You should also constantly keep an eye on daily rates to avoid unpleasant renewal period surprises.

Every Bluehost plan has a discount for brand-new clients, and I implore you to take advantage of these special rates.

Finally, you can still change your plan from your Bluehost dashboard or contact customer support if you need help.

However, since you won’t receive the discounted prices when you upgrade to the Bluehost plan, it will be simpler to select the appropriate plan straight away.

It would cost a lot to pay standard pricing, which adds up. Choose the Plus plan, which is perfect for hosting infinite websites, if you are unsure which Bluehost plan to buy.

Upgrade from Basic to Plus with Bluehost
With Bluehost’s upgrade from basic to plus, you may move your blog to the cloud and additionally receive a free domain name. For just $2.95 per month (less than that iced coffee you’re enjoying right now), upgrade from Basic to Plus. and you’ll have access to all the features of Bluehost’s distinguished hosting service, such as one-click automatic WordPress updates, preinstalled WordPress, PHP 7 support for faster performance, SSD storage options, and 24-hour customer service. This will allow you to concentrate on what’s important—creating content!

Why Upgrade from Bluehost Basic to Plus

Simple hosting is like trying to maneuver a car without power steering; it works, but it makes you tired and stressed.

If your website often crashes or takes a long time to load, you won’t be able to produce the material that will help you build your business.

Today, upgrade from Bluehost Basic to Bluehost Plus! They offer customer service that is available around-the-clock, free preinstalled WordPress so you don’t have to worry about handling updates, one-click automatic WordPress updates, support for PHP 7 for quicker performance, and SSD storage choices for lightning-fast speeds.

Bluehost Upgrade from Shared to VPS

I’ve been seeking something that is quick and versatile as I’ve been working on improving my web hosting for a long.

My website had experienced great development, and I had many websites for my business in addition to my client’s websites, so the shared hosting seemed a little slower to me.

In order to expand into the internet industry where hundreds of websites are hosted for both myself and my clients, I required more power and resources.

As a result of sharing a server with other marketers, there are inherent security dangers associated with shared hosting, which is another reason I wanted an upgrade.

Additionally, if they make any errors that harm the server, my websites would also be negatively impacted.

I was persuaded by Bluehost’s customer care that their VPS option was the best choice for me after doing some research and speaking with them! It has all the features you’d want in a top-notch web host, including easy use, a ton of space, and strong security measures.

Why Upgrade from Bluehost Shared to VPS

A web hosting firm called Bluehost offers clients a wide range of choices for their websites. Finding the ideal plan that meets my demands while also being inexpensive has been a difficulty for me in the past.

Bluehost offers a wide variety of plans, each of which has a special feature. However, what sets them apart from rival businesses like HostGator or GoDaddy is the fact that they provide 3-in-1 hosting packages that also include with domain names and SSL certificates.

This means that this one bundle can meet all of your needs, whether you’re just beginning your internet business or looking to enhance your present site.

I was able to see firsthand how simple it was to set up my new website on Bluehost’s VPS server after utilizing their 14-day free trial offer! I quickly transferred all of my files from my previous shared host.

It is that simple.

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