Calculate iPhone value

Calculate iPhone value – how it works

The resale value of an iPhone varies greatly depending on the model. We’ll show you how to find out the value of your iPhone.

Do you want to sell a used iPhone but don’t know how much it’s worth? We will show you how to calculate the value of your old Apple smartphone online before reselling it.

How to find out the value of your iPhone

You can have the value of your iPhone calculated directly by Apple. This can be done through Apple’s trade-in website. There you can trade in your old iPhone directly when you buy a new device – or you can simply use the service to see the expected value of the iPhone and then sell the phone yourself in a different way. You can also bring the device to any Apple Store and get the same service.

But there are many other websites where you can calculate the value of your used smartphone. For example, on you simply enter the model of your smartphone, the optical condition, and the functionality, and the value of your old iPhone is calculated based on this information. You will also be shown various providers who would buy your used mobile phone. Usually, you have to have the price recalculated on the website of the respective provider since only shows the best estimate. Of course, you don’t have to sell your iPhone to one of these providers, you can simply use the website’s value calculation.


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