15 Best Degrees to Make Money in 2023 (Highest Earning)

Although most have been informed that college is a must for anyone, many don’t realize how important it is to look into the best degrees to make money.

If you can plan ahead, you’ll fall into a career that could leave you making over a hundred thousand dollars a year starting out.

These are the top degrees that pay well, and how you can learn your way into a rewarding career with any of them.

15. Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics

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Average yearly salary: $93,000

Jobs with this degree: aerospace engineer, sales engineer, senior mechanical engineer

What you’ll learn аbout: to gain this degree, you’ll have to study physics to apply Newton’s laws of motion to real-life problems you’ll face in your career. Your professors will also help you learn how to analyze, design, and build structures and machines.

The jobs available to you will be extremely similar to jobs with a physics degree, as they study many of the same concepts.

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