15 Best Degrees to Make Money in 2023 (Highest Earning)

4. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

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Average yearly salary: $100,000

Jobs with this degree: military aerospace engineer, aerospace technician, aircraft designer

What you’ll learn аbout: if you love math and science, aren’t shy about computer programming and languages, and are interested in physics and chemistry, this education could be the perfect combination for you.

Not only does it offer extremely in-depth looks at everything from aircraft design to space systems, but it also helps give you the tools to create new ones.

Where Aerospace Engineering is Growing

  • California – There are 7,860 aerospace engineering jobs in California
  • Texas – There are 5,510 aerospace engineering jobs in Texas
  • Florida – There are 4,640 aerospace engineering jobs in Florida
  • Washington – There are 4,110 aerospace engineering jobs in Washington
  • Alabama– There are 3,860 aerospace engineering jobs in Alabama
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